Policies and Procedures

Please make sure that you read all these policies and procedures as when you register you are agreeing that you consent and understand our policies.

Majical Youth Kids Club Creche

Risk Assessments

The secure area is safety checked on the day and before the beginning of each session. Our risk assessment checks the area  for obstructions and hazards. This includes hazards such as ropes, exposed pegs, insecure fencing, animal faeces (we are outside!) and we check the grass for unseen objects . Any equipment used is checked each session and all resources and toys comply with British Safety Standards.  Toilets and handwashing facilities are checked frequently and kept clean. Staff hold a current food hygiene certificate and all snacks and drinks will comply with health and hygiene standards.

Fire Procedure

All staff will be familiarised with fire procedure and in the unlikely event of a fire, our meeting place will be at the front of the swing boats. All staff are aware of our emergency procedures and parents will be notified from our register immediately in the case of any emergency.

Accident and Injury

Staff are trained in paediatric first aid. Any accidents or injury will be dealt with accordingly and the child’s medical need will be assessed. In the case of an emergency we will give what care we can and call the emergency services first, then the parent/carer. Emergency first aid will be given and festival welfare alerted via radio. In the case of a non- emergency injury, first aid will be given and the parent/carer contacted as soon as possible.

Registration and Signing in/out

Majical Youth Crèche will make a detailed register for each child at the booking stage and this will be signed at the festival. All details of registration will be read by staff only and kept securely until its disposal at the end of the festival.This ensures that your details are kept safely and for no longer than is necessary in accordance with current GDPR.

Children will be signed in and out by the responsible adult. Each child will have a secret password in case another adult needs to collect them. No children will be released without this code word and we MUST be informed by the primary carer that another adult is collecting their child. Please DO NOT BE LATE to pick up your child. Although we realise this is a festival, our insurance and child:adult ratios comply with the law. Being late can be distressing for your child and will compromise our service. You will incur a late fine of one pound per minute (with a five minute grace period). If you are more than 20 minutes late it will be considered a safeguarding issue.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy

No child will be excluded on the grounds of race, religion class.

We will endeavour  to include a disabled child where venue and staffing permits. Children with any additional needs are included where possible. Our qualified members of staff have extensive experience of working with disabled children. If your child has specific needs you MUST contact us before the festival by email ideally or before the session begins to discuss their needs.

We will always try to accommodate last minute children as long as staff levels allow this within OFSTED guidelines.

Crèche Ratios

Aged  3-9 years   1:6

It is imperative that children are always adequately supervised – our staff: child ratios are greater than those set out by Ofsted. Although Ofsted ratios are fine where children are being cared for in a familiar environment by familiar adults, we prefer to use higher adult: child ratios to ensure that there are plenty of people on hand to settle youngsters into their temporary play space.

All of our crèches are fully insured. Our public and employer’s liability certificate can be viewed on request.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Our prime responsibility is the welfare and wellbeing of all children in our care. As such we believe that we have a duty to the children, parents/main carers and staff to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention. Staff have a duty to report any concerns relating to possible abuse or neglect to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Jennie Farrell) who will then liaise with the Local Statutory Children’s Services agencies and with the LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children’s Board).http://cysur.wales/home/about-us/

The staff have a duty to report any concerns relating to abuse to the local children’s social care service and in emergencies the police. The Children Act 1989 (section 47[1]) places a duty on the Local Authority to investigate such matters. The staff will follow the guidance and procedures of the relevant LSCB and will seek their advice if deemed necessary.   Please inform staff lead on arrival at the crèche of any significant injuries or marks . The information given will be recorded by the parent/main carer on the booking form and signed by both the parent and staff lead. We have a duty to the children in our care to monitor any accidents/incidents and act accordingly should a pattern of injuries emerge. The parent/main carer will have access to any such records. If the creche staff are not satisfied with the explanation given regarding the mark/injury the Local Authority will be notified and advice sought. Accident/incident at the session will detail any mark or injury found on a child once left at the crèche and will be recorded and signed by staff. The incident will be discussed with the parent/main carer when the child is collected and the record then signed by the parent/carer that same day.

On the day of the booking all parents/guardians will be required to sign a collection document to ensure that children are only collected by themselves or a nominated adult. A password system will be used to pick up your child. This is avoids confusion and does not rely on facial recognition.

No other adults will be allowed to enter the crèche when it is in session. If absolutely necessary for them to do so then they will be signed in and accompanied at all times.

If you are concerned about your child, we will have provided you with a phone number to check their welfare. Please try to resist ringing more than once as this will take a member of staff out of activity and childcare numbers whilst they deal with your call.

We reserve the right not to accept any child who, in our opinion, is not well enough to take part in the crèche.

All children attending the crèche must be toilet trained.

Terms and Conditions

Majical Youth Festival childcare cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of personal effects or belongings brought to the session. We withhold the right to refuse admission of the child if we feel the child is too distressed to attend. Only in this instance of Majical Youth refusing admission will a refund be given. No other refunds will be given for any other reason. Majical Youth Festival Childcare will charge a pound per minute for  late collection.

This is not negotiable. Lateness beyond twenty minutes will be considered a safeguarding issue.

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