What to Bring

Please make sure that your child brings along the following items. In daytime sessions, a rice/oatcake will be provided with a piece of fruit. At the evening sessions we will have hot chocolate at storytime but we advise that your child brings a small packlunch for their tea. We will be eating together at 5.30 – 6 P.M. Drinking water is freely available throughout. If your child takes any medicines ( e.g. inhaler or cream) these must be given to staff at drop off so they can be kept securely. Please try to name your childs belongings. This helps us avoid confusion.

* A full change of clothes * Medicines if needed * Weather appropriate clothing* Sun hat * Sun cream ( named) * Comforter/toy ( only if needed) * Alternative snack if needed. N.B We have a healthy snack policy so please dont include sweets or crisps/cakes in this * Packed tea for evening sessions *

We look forward to meeting yourselves and your children at the Event. Please remember to bring your Eventbrite Ticket on paper or on phone.


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